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CCD checking machine.

Item No:SPCCD - 1525

 CCD checking machine.[ SPCCD-1525 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Injection plastic of product the formation, its size, outlook and quality examination.
2.Inspection size and precision, relational inspection time and cost.
3.By the CCD photography compared to way, inspection outlook to be whether normal.
4.By the CCD photography gauging size, the examination localization hole and pin the position and the size
 whether to surpass the tolerance interval.
5.Not good discharges automatically, and record.
6.Including one computer, the screen may demonstrate size of the immediate gauging, also may be possible
 to search the original archive data.
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Soft PC board punching achine.

Item No:SPPC - T001

 Soft PC board punching achine.[ SPPC-T001 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.DVD or other soft FPC localization cut-out pieces of material.
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Auto taping machine.

Item No:SPAT - 35

 Auto taping machine.[ SPAT-35 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Heat-resisting adhesive tape decides the length slice automatically and pastes in the work thing.
2.Adhesive tape automatic slice and pasting.
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Solder tin flattening machine.

Item No:SPST - 260

 Solder tin flattening machine.[ SPST-260 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Spot welding, pressure flatten and seals the machine.
2.All work flow one time completes.
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DNA filter bowl assembly machine.

Item No:SPFB - 120

 DNA filter bowl assembly machine.[ SPFB-120 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.May punching laminated shape or belt-shaped filter paper and implant to bowl automatically, then fixed
 position by plastic ring.
2.Completely automatic work.
3.Filter paper assembly layer may defer to needs to establish.
4.Plastic ring localization depth may establish.
5.Filter bowl and plastic ring to be feed material by vibrating plate.
6.Laminated shape or belt-shaped filter paper may the work.
7.Use touch screen control type, movement flow and fault point automatic demonstration, control and o
 peration are easy and simply.
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