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CCFL Brightness exam machine.

Item No:SPCC - 1000

 CCFL Brightness exam machine.[ SPCC-1000 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.May examine the 50~1000mm CCFL, can makes the characteristic check table, brightness distribution
 curve, settling time curve automatically, the computer control, the electric current voltage automatic
 detection record.
2.Use artificial turnover material way.
3.Uses Japan made brightness gauge, high precision and stabilize.
4.The survey points may establish freely, and by X-Table automatic positioning gauging.
5.Computer control and gather various systems material, may demonstrate immediate material, may count
 and may print graph.
6.The movement flow and the fault point may demonstrate automatically on the screen, operation simple easy.
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Electricity brush cut & assembly machine.

Item No:SPEB - 300

 Electricity brush cut & assembly machine.[ SPEB-300 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.May depend on the hypothesis to jump the distance, Automatic coiling and may establish the total turn.
2.May establish winds thread jumps is apart from 0.5mm to 10mm.
3.Wind thread jumps the distance may establish, coiling number of times also may establish.
 (longest 300mm)
4.Have to match man-power for enter and out of the material.
5.Removable fixture, may produce different size of production.
6.Touches controls type screen, the hypothesis is convenient, fault point, automatic demonstration.
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Cooler fins assemby machine.

Item No:SPCF - S01

 Cooler fins assemby machine.[ SPCF-S01 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Has flushed the belt-shaped radiator fin, penetrates automatically cools the copper pipe.
2.Belt-shaped pulls material, cut-off automatically, presses in.
3.May establish presses in the piece number.
4.The pitch may establish.
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Hard disk arm assembly machine.

Item No:SPHD - 01

 Hard disk arm assembly machine.[ SPHD-01 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.For small components welding and the assembly uses.
2.The components feed by vibrating plate, welds automatically after the position.
3.Falls in and the assembly automatically.
4.May substitute for the man-power not easy to assemble either the artificial assembly precision insufficiency
 or the quality unstable thing.
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Full-auto tapping machine.

Item No:SPFA - 2M

 Full-auto tapping machine.[ SPFA-2M ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.The man-power enters the material.
2.Each time produces two pieces, tap position can adjustable.
3.The automatic detection enter material is whether normal.
4.Pours into the cutting compound automatically.
5.Removable fixture, can produces the different product.
6.The end product take out automatically.
7.Uses fixe pitch type, tap the screw automatically.
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Semi-auto computer assembly machine.

Item No:SPSA - KQ50

 Semi-auto computer assembly machine.[ SPNFB-500 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Taiwan Quanta Computer Corp. special machine.
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Steel barrel end shaping machine.

Item No:SPSB - KG25

 Steel barrel end shaping machine.[ SPSB-KG25 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
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