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MLCC hemming machine.
  Item No:SPLCC - 56
 MLCC hemming machine. [ SPLCC-56 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Before cut material piece, by cuts the paper, spreads, pastes the material piece way automatically.
2.Replaces artificially pastes double-sided glue way work.
3.May paste to attach 127mm×127mm and product of level electric capacity piece the 150mm×150mm two
 kind of specification.
4.MLCC body paper to use the entire volume type.
5.MLCC and the body paper pastes to attach from the moving point glue.
6.Use double-trough type, when full material automatic cut over and warn.
7.Replacement size, dial the switch adjustment to step-by-step the motor, the control convenience and
8.The control uses the man-machine contact surface (screen type), movement flow and fault point automatic
 demonstration, operation is easy.
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Tube filling & sealing machine.
  Item No:SPFS - 03
 Tube filling & sealing machine.[ SPFS-03 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Multitubular test tube.
2.A time may fill multi-tube.
3.After the backfill, takes along the seal automatically by the belt-shaped aluminum foil.
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Valve high-pressure exam machine.
  Item No:SPVP - 16
   Valve high-pressure exam machine.[ SPVP-16 ]
  The feature of this type of machine.
  1.15kgs per square㎝ water pressure test.
  2.Gauging pressure and current capacity.
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Nozzle hi-pressure exam machine.

Item No:SPNP - 35

 Nozzle hi-pressure exam machine.[ SPNP-35 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.35kgs per square㎝. nitrogen high pressure leak hunting.
2.A time may gauge 8 ~12 pieces.
3.Test under the water.
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Spray sense-slice durability exam machine.

Item No:SPSS - NO1

 Spray sense-slice durability exam machine.[ SPSS-N01 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.The sprinkler head bimetal induction piece anti-pulls the experiment.
2.Endurance test.
3.May the remembering time and the pulling force.
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NFB exam machine.

Item No:SPNFB - 500

 NFB exam machine.[ SPNFB-500 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Big current bracelet examination.
2.Mechanical movement repetition examination.
3.Resistance examines.
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