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Diameter auto gauging machine.
  Item No:DRDA - 100
 Diameter auto gauging machine.[ DRDA-100 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Outer diameter of or length by the laser measurement equipment.
2.Outer diameter gauging scope: 1~6mm, accuracy ±1μ.
3.Below measured length 50mm, may use vibrating disk completely automatic feeding.
4.Guage speed: 90pieces per minute when 30mm×ψ3mm length.
5.May classify oversized or small not good.
6.Good automatic arrangement feed material and counting.
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Bar precision fixed-length cutting machine.
  Item No:DRPC - 140
 Bar precision fixed-length cutting machine.[ DRPC-140 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Tungsten carbide bar needs the fixed-length cut-off within ± 0.02mm.
2.Outer diameter 1~6mm, length 100~300mm, the outer diameter and the length must be fixed.
3.After the bar material puts the feed chute, the feed control and cuts the length.
4.Diamond grinding wheel coordination high speed motor.
5.May establish the cut-off speed and supplement and correct consumption automatically the grinding wheel.
6.May establish the cut-off length.
7.May automatic computation cut-off quantity.
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Tungsten bar feeding machine.
  Item No:DRPC - 140
 Tungsten bar feeding machine.[ DRBF-420 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Coordinate to unintentional grinder to deliver the tungsten carbide bar automatically.
2.ψ3~ψ20, the length 10~300 may send in the grinder attrition automatically.
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Tungsten bar chamfer.
  Item No:DRBC - 412
 Tungsten bar chamfer.[ DRBC-412 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.ψ3~ψ8, length 70 tungsten carbide sticks.
2.Tungsten carbide bar in material trough feed control, and grinds chamfer.
3.Must coordinate diamond of grinder 45 degree angle.
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