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Mini bulb exam machine.
  Item No:AUMB - W06
 Mini bulb exam machine.[ AUMB-W06 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Light bulb complete inspection, 100% examinations.
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Quartz tube seal gather machine.
  Item No:AUQT - W500
 Quartz tube seal gather machine.[ AUQT-W500 ]
The feature of this type of machine. Verifier
1.Oxy-hydrogen flame supply system separable big flame, small flame and hand-hold flame.
2.Gaseous nitrogen and liquid nitrogen supply system.
3.Main cartridge and tailstock cartridge synchronization revolving.
4.The flame platform may control moves, may manual or the automatic cut over is easy.
5.The tailstock platform may control moves, may manual or the automatic free cut.
6.The flame platform and tailstock platform may establish under the automatic condition, contains the
 motion distance, stand-by time and the flame strong and the weak.
7.Liquid nitrogen storage quantity insufficient automatic warn system.
8.CCD photograph with 15” screen, enlargement 10 times by facilitates proofreads the position.
9.Touches controls the type screen simply, the operation control convenient.
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Wheel rim exam machine.
  Item No:AUWR - K01
 Wheel rim exam machine.[ AUWR-K01 ]
The feature of this type of machine.
1.Use in the man-power the aluminum wheel rim.
2.The start foot pedal switch may gauge four position beating automatically.
3.All guaging data will demonstrate automatically in monitor, the printer will automatic printing on label.
4.The man-power rips takes the label, and may paste on the wheel rim.
Outfit require.
1.PCD four standard cards (in order to satisfy various specificationof location PIN 24 pieces(each kind
 of size 6 pieces).
2.Locates column 3 pieces.
3.Centralized positioning block 10 pieces (possible to depend on customer request).
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